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But I’m a Christian! Klingenschmitt Can’t Figure Out Why People Find His Insane Rants Controversial

Far-right Republican Gordon Klingenschmitt can’t figure out why people are so upset he was elected to office. He is a Christian after all.

“I’m just a guy who believes the Bible,” the newly minted Colorado state legislator said. “I love Jesus. I love people. I’m a man of faith and compassion.”

He even suggested that those who are opposed to him serving in a position of leadership just might hate Christians.

“There is a backlash against the name of Jesus,” Klingenschmitt said. “People do not want God to rule their hearts and a lot of people are offended when a chaplain or a man of faith gets elected to political office. But thank God, the voters in my district were very conservative and very open to religious freedom.”

While Klingenschmitt might not be able to figure out why people object to his insane rantings, to most people it is pretty obvious.

Here are just some of the crazy stuff he has said that actually got written down by the press.

For starters, he thinks not only should American law be based on the Bible, but foreign policy too, declaring, “the foreign policy of our national security to protect American interests ought to be in line with Joel chapter three.”

He also tells this tale of trying to cure a lesbian with the power of Jesus while a Navy chaplain.

I wept with her and I cried with her and I asked her about her background; turns out she had been abused as a child by some men in her family and I said “let me ask you a question: all these men who abused you, where they full of the Devil or where they full of Jesus Christ?”

And she had to answer “well, of course they’re full of the devil.” I said that is proof right there, perhaps, that Jesus Christ himself can be the first man that you trust and I suggested we have a wedding ceremony and she got married to Jesus Christ as the first man she could ever trust.

Then, there is the fact he is so obsessed with the fact Obama is possessed by demons, he has written an entire book about it.

Of course, Klingenschmitt doesn’t think any of these things is strange, leaving him wondering this week on Bible News Radio, “Why would people hate a chaplain?”

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