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Glenn Beck is Warning Revolutionaries Will Soon Murder People in the Streets

Glenn Beck has said some extreme stuff before, especially about net neutrality.

Earlier this week he compared net neutrality to the liberals and global warming:

 Let me tell you about net neutrality. Net neutrality is a — is the global warming of the Internet. They are saying that they need to level the playing field of the Internet and make it free. Let me tell you something. If it wasn’t for the freedom of the Internet, this world and this country would be screwed right now. The only real growth that we have in the world, and you’re seeing it in television and news and information.

During yesterday’s show, though, he took his dislike for net neutrality up a notch to a bizarre new, a terrifying place.

Somehow, using a clip of net neutrality activists, he surmised that Americans would soon be murdered in the street.

He started by showing a clip of activists in a heated confrontation with  FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. At one point, the activists tried to block Wheeler’s car, preventing him from leaving work.

For the record, Wheeler was not dragged from his car and is very much alive.

Yet based on the incident alone,  however, Beck said that it was clear a revolution was in the works and every one of us is at risk of a mob death.

“I am begging America to listen to me,” Beck said. “Please listen to me. You are dealing with revolutionaries … Revolutionaries will come and they will pull you out of your car and shoot you. They will pull out of your office, your bank, they will pull you out of your plush political office, they will pull you out of your anchor chair, they will pull you out of wherever you are when they decide revolution is here and you’ve betrayed the revolution.”

He then concluded, “Wake up. Wake up. They’re playing by different rules. They’re not playing by all the rules you think they are. Wake up. Please, dear God, wake up before it’s too late.”

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