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Tea Party Freakout: ‘Patriot’ Says Has ‘Plenty of Ammo’ to Take Out Anti-Gun Group

Rob Kinnison is a Tea Partier that loves his “lord and savior Jesus Christ” and guns.  One thing he does not like at all, though, is gun control group Moms Demand Action (MDA).

While it is understandable that an Open Carry activist may take issue with the group trying to get stores to ban guns from their establishments, Kinnison has taken his hatred to a new level by threatening the group over and over again.

In a meme floating around the internet, Kinnison was caught telling the MDA group, “I hoped you get f*cking robbed” and worse “got plenty of ammo for all them MDA b*tches,” all because they tried to get Target to ban guns in the family-friendly shops.

Now, Kinnison is back, this time with a new ‘plan.’

In a profanity laced rant he videotaped for his internet fans, Kinnison announced he would send a selfie of himself with a gun every day to the group to get back at them for their anti-open carry policies.

AATTP captured part of the word vomit from his video threat:

“I’m going to do something else,” Rob said. “I’m going to take photos at Kroger and I’m going to send them to Mothers Demand Action. Here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna vice versa. Mothers Demand Action has requested that until Kroger stops allowing open carry…” After a long string of incoherent rambling, he continued,  “Here’s what I’m gonna do. Here’s what I’m gonna do. Until the Mothers Demand Action SHUTS THE [email protected]#$ UP, I’m gonna send photos OF KROGER, of me inside Kroger, outside Kroger, with my gun, inside Kroger, Whatever. And I’m gonna send those photos to momsdemandaction.org, and I’m gonna send them every f*cking day until Moms Demand Action shuts the f*ck up!”

He then seemed to threaten MDA even further, claiming that their would be ‘losses’ in his battle for gun rights.

“There’s gonna be losses, okay? You’re not gonna get every grocery store. Some of them are gonna be like, ‘OK? F*ck you. Get the f*ck off our property,” before finally advising the group, “Shut up and admit fail, Okay?”

So far, MDA has not responded to Kinnison in a public way, but when his profanity-ridden threats got the attention of internet world, many pointed out the the gun nut threatening MDA was also a white supremacist who is angling for a ‘white revolution.’

He is also so obsessed with his MDA hatred, he has started a Facebook page with a name so vulgar, if you want to know what it is, you have to click here.

Photo Credit: Meme via AATTP

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