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Palin-Robertson 2016? Sarah Palin Meets With Duck Dynasty Clan

In fairness, Sarah Palin seemed to be more interested in promoting a book than talking politics.

Still, when some of the country’s most off-the-cuff and extreme political personalities get together, it raises a few eyebrows and causes some of her fans to speculate on a 2016 run.

For the record, Palin really liked the food, which she dutifully reported on her Facebook page.

“Thanks to Phil and Miss Kay for the most scrumptious country cooking tonight in their home kitchen! So authentic and everything from scratch! I recognized lots of recipes from Miss Kay’s cookbook: chicken and dumplings, fried cornbread, turnip greens, creamed corn, squash casserole,” Palin wrote, somehow far more coherent than her usual rants, possibly because it was thinly veiled product placement for Miss Kay’s new book. “We are now happy, happy, happy, and stuffed!”

She also posted pictures of her with the Robertson clan.

Including this group photo:


And this kitchen close-up showing off her all-black, off-the-shoulder number:


The sexy shirt caused a bit of a ruckus on her Facebook page, with some conservatives thinking she went too far especially being the Christian mom and grandma that she is.

Most, however, thought it made Sarah more likable and somehow even more worthy of their vote when she runs for President.

“I think she is the most down to earth, normal person and not afraid of who she is or what she wears,” fan Inga Boerschinger McClellan wrote. “First off she looks fabulous, If you don’t think so…well try not to be jealous that an older woman is hotter than you…I’d vote for her in a Second.”

In fact, despite the fact Palin only jabbered on about food, many of her fans responded with ‘Palin for President’ or asked when she was going to declare her candidacy for the White House.

Some, like Nedra Beckham even suggested that the meeting might yield the perfect GOP pairing for the next Presidential run.

“How about a ticket with the Robertsons and Palins in 2016?” she asked, with no hint of how scary that truly sounds to the rest of us.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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