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Louie Gohmert Blames Obama and His ‘Liberal Attack People’ for Inciting Violence

Louis Gohmert thinks the liberal media has it all wrong. It is not the far-right extremists inciting violence, but Obama and his ‘liberal attack people’ who are using immigration and Ferguson to provoke ‘mayhem’ across the U.S.A.

During an interview yesterday with Dan Cofall, the Texas Congressman explained how the real blame should be placed on the ‘leftists’ and their ‘civil disobedience,’ not law-abiding conservatives who don’t make waves.

“Civil disobedience comes from the left,” Gohmert opined. “They’re the ones that loot and shoot up and shoot up stores and do all kinds of things like that. If you look at the conservative gatherings, we even pick up our own trash.”

He then said law-breaking Obama is just trying to tick conservatives off.

“It could be that this president is doing all he can to get conservatives who remember the country when presidents didn’t exceed their bounds and wish we would go back to those days, it may be enough to make them that angry,” Gohmert continued, trying to say that even if conservatives are violent it is Obama’s fault. “But I hope not, I hope there’s no violence.”

Gohmert then said the trouble in Ferguson was not the result of social injustice or police corruption, but Obama stirring up trouble in hopes of making conservatives mad.

“Obviously the president and the attorney general have done all they could to help stir up animosity and fuel the fire and getting people angry at police where they shouldn’t have.”

The GOP Congressman then suggested that the powder-keg situation in Ferguson was not such a big deal until Obama and his administration “brought in the liberal attack people that just create all the havoc and mayhem they can but I hope and pray that doesn’t spread anywhere else. I’m sure they want it to, I’m sure that people would love to have the federal government intercede, but I would beg conservatives not to get sucked into that trap.”

Of course, Gohmert failed to mention the far-right Klansmen threatening lethal force or the corrupt police force manhandling the protesters as a source of strife in Ferguson, although he would have likely argued that they would have never gotten so mad if the people of Ferguson, and Obama, simply ‘knew their place.’

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