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Michele Bachmann is Still Convinced Non-Citizens ‘Illiterates’ Plan on Voting

Michele Bachmann’s reign as a Congresswoman is coming to an end, but not before she gets in a few last stabs at Obama and immigrants.

In anticipation of Obama’s prime-time announcement on immigration, Bachmann sat down with the Washington Post’s Robert Costa on Wednesday to explain how amnesty would cause “illiterate” voters.

“Even though the president says they won’t be able to vote, we all know that many, in all likelihood, will vote,” Bachmann told Costa. “The president has a very single-minded vision. He’s looking at new voters for 2016 … People do vote without being a citizen. It’s a wink and a nod, we all know it’s going to happen.”

Actually, it doesn’t happen often at all. That myth comes from the good folk at Fox News, who cited a rather dubious report saying that illegals were voting in elections, swaying the national vote. When academics looked at the numbers, though, they noticed serious errors and said the number of non-citizens erroneously voting was ‘modest’ at best.

Of course, never one to trip over the lack of facts, Bachmann barreled on, explaining that when she meant “illiterate” she actually meant Hispanics immigrants who would be casting a vote.

When Costa asked her point blank if she meant immigrants from the south, Bachmann said, “Some are, some aren’t. I’ve been down to the border. The reason why I would say that is I spent four days at the border and spoke to American Hispanics on the border. That’s what they told me.”

She then continued on by saying calling Spanish-speaking immigrants “illiterate” was not pejorative, because she was just repeating what she supposedly heard while on her border tour.

Driving home her point, she said that even worse than voting, thanks to Obama there are “millions of unskilled, illiterate, foreign nationals coming into the United States who can’t speak the English language,” and costing real Americans big.

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