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Sheriff Arpaio Files Suit Against Obama Over Immigration

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio wasted no time after Obama’s immigration speech. He has already filed a lawsuit against the President.

According to Arpaio, the President’s speech outed him as a con man and now he must pay.

“He speaks a good game and I understand where he’s coming from in a way. On the other hand, let’s not con the American public. How are we going to keep track of these 5 million people?” Arpaio said, referring to those who will be allowed to remain in the country under the new immigration measure.

He then said that all those ‘illegals’ should have been deported before Obama made his ‘illegal’ decision to let them stay.

“I’m surprised they have not detected these 5 million people and have not deported them throughout the years,” Arpaio told KNXV.

He then suggested that the Presidents actions were illegal and would ultimately hurt the people of his county.

“We have to understand whether this is constitutional or not, whether he is going around Congress is legal,” Arpaio explained to KNXV. “I’m going to send a message that we’re not going to give up, that this does affect the streets of Maricopa County.”

The sheriff then theorized that now that Obama is letting some people stay, everyone will want to cross over the border and into his state.

“This is going to open the door. Everybody in Mexico, Central America, thinks they will have a free pass when they come into our country because of what the president is issuing,” Arpaio said, echoing a common right-wing fear tactic.

In truth, while Obama’s plan does allow people – mainly those who are parents of U.S. citizens or have strong ties – to seek a legal way to remain in the country, it also steps up efforts to block people from entering the country and deporting those, especially criminals, who come into the country without permission.

Further, while the right-wing has sharply criticized Obama for his ‘wide-open’ border, the number of those in the country without permission has actually fallen in Arizona in recent years, not that these facts will change Arpaio’s mind.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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