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Fox News Warns Flood of ‘Illegals’ Will Ruin Public Education Thanks to Reality Challenged Liberals

Here’s a shocker. Fox News responded to Obama’s immigration order by spreading a little fear.

According to Fox’s Tucker Carlson, thanks to Obama, a flood of illegal aliens will now come into America and destroy the nation’s schools.

Yet, even at their peak in 2007, undocumented immigrants made up less than 4 percent of the nation’s population. Today, that number is even lower according to Pew, with a population – which has remained stable since 2009 – hovering around 3.5 percent.

That did not stop Fox from threatening about a deluge at the borders though.

During today’s broadcast, Tucker Carlson was incensed that schools will be ruined because of immigrant kids.

“The bottom line, the theme here is volume,” Carlson warned. “There’s going to be a lot more people coming here illegally from foreign countries.”

He then said that in New York City, already nearly 12 percent of kids in public schools were undocumented and ‘stealing’ an education and it is about to get worse.

“They are being educated at very high expense,” Carlson stressed. “Add to that the housing vouchers, the medical, dental — all paid for by taxpayers. It’s really expensive.”

When Co-host Mike Jerrick pointed out that Obama’s order (which only covers persons already living in the country not new arrivals) would actually mean more people paying taxes, Carson exploded.

“That’s silly!” Carlson exclaimed. “People who make $40,000 a year don’t pay taxes. Right? You don’t pay income taxes because you’re below the threshold. In fact, you get money back from the government in earned income tax credit. Nobody every says that but it’s true.”

(Actually, the reason people don’t say that is it is not true. Proportionally lower-income workers pay more in taxes than their wealthier peers or tax-dodging corporations.)

Then, without any proof to back up his claim, Carson then concluded that the real problem is that Obama and liberals backing the plan are ‘denying reality’ and deal with the hard facts or send their kids to public schools.

“You notice that all of the people that are for this, the loud ones, not one of them sends their kids to public schools,” Carlson accused. “So, if you send your kids to public school, this is not a small thing. It’s a big thing. You’re kids’ classes are getting much bigger, the teachers distracted. The schools doesn’t have the resources to deal with this. You’re kids are getting shafted.”

(FYI, speaking of ‘denying reality’,  Tucker Carlson graduated from a posh Rhode Island boarding school, St. George’s. Also, conservatives are more likely than liberals to send their kids to private schools).

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