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Walmart Workers Chain Food Donation In Front of Walton’s Tony Apartment

While Walmart workers rarely break $10 an hour and worry about putting food on their table, the Waltons are living it big in a tony Park Avenue apartment.

The ultra-lux full service building, where condos sell for millions, is one of the poshest in the priciest neighborhood in New York City, which is probably why neighbors did not appreciate it very much when they walked out their front door and saw this big purple monstrosity on Monday:


The ‘gift’, delivered on behalf of Walmart workers everywhere, is an effort to protest Walmart’s decision to ask their associates – those same people making barely over minimum wage – to be generous and donate food to help their associates and their hungry families.

In an open letter to the Waltons, activist and Walmart worker LaRanda Jackson explained that encouraging their already poor co-workers to reach into their own pockets during the holidays was not a solution. Instead, she said, Walmart needs to reach into their own pockets and pay a living wage year-round.

“I’m writing to you because it hurts to see the pain in my younger brothers’ eyes when we can’t afford food to fill their stomachs,” she said in an open letter to Alice Walton.

“Ms. Walton, my co-workers and I don’t want your food bins. We work hard and we don’t want your charity. We want you and your family to improve pay and hours for Walmart workers like me so that we can buy our own groceries. We want fair pay for the work that we do to help your family add $8.6 million a day to your $150 billion in wealth.”

Last year, Walmart earned $16 billion in profits with a large majority of that going to increase the Walton’s personal wealth. In contrast, the average Walmart worker earned less than $25,000 a year.

Photo Credit: The Other 98% via Twitter/Latest

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