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AFA Says Thieving and ‘Entitled’ Michael Brown Got What He Deserved

As unrest continues in Ferguson and protests are being mounted across the country to decry the grand jury’s decision to not charge Darren Wilson for Brown’s death, the good people at the American Family Association just could not help but gloat.

Having the gall to say he represented the voice of morality, just hours after the verdict, AFA’s news director Fred Jackson told his loyal viewers that it was time to get back to reality and see Brown for what he was – a cold-blooded thief.

“We have to get back to the reality, there are moral truths and when people break those moral truths and decide to violate them, there are consequences,” he preached. “On that day, August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri, when Michael Brown went into that convenience store and stole that box of cigars, he was making a moral decision. Now no one knows what was in Michael Brown’s head that day but one could speculate that he believed he was above being told he should not steal, he was above getting any consequences for his actions.”

Despite considerable confusion over the events, Jackson then added that they knew exactly what happened on that day and even what the unarmed teen was thinking.

“He believed, Michael Brown, apparently, that he was allowed to do that. It is that mentality of entitlement, that mentality that says ‘you have your truth, I have mine,’ that I believe is at the core of this,” Jackson opined.

First of all, it goes without saying that this middle aged white guy cannot possibly know what is going on in the mind of an inner-city teen at a convenience store.

More importantly, if Jackson had just listened to himself talk, he would realize that he just advocated that death is an appropriate punishment for suspicion of petty theft.

Yet, advocating such an extreme punishment even for ‘entitlement’ did not seem to phase Jackson, who quickly pointed out that God and the Bible was on his side.

“What we’ve been talking about this morning: the existence of absolute truth, and that is what’s under attack today,” he biblebelted on, seemingly unaware of the irony of his own words. “Absolute truth is defined by scripture, the Bible, God’s word, that’s how it’s defined and when you violate that, there are consequences.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/AFA

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