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Pat Robertson Blames Obama, ‘Race Agitators’ for Unrest in Ferguson

Pat Robertson has weighed in on the grand jury’s failure to indict Darren Wilson, and not surprisingly, he is on the police and Wilson’s side.

Admonishing people to stop listening to “race agitators,” he said that those protesting need to “cool it.”

He admitted that sometime in the past, cops used to be unfair to black people, but that is not true today.

“We live in what amounts to a pretty much even-tempered type of society,” the television preacher said, apparently not concerned about images of police attacking protesters or the dubious statistics on police shootings and young African-American men.

“Police,” Robertson explained, “are very careful in dealing with people. They’re trained to be careful with minorities, and the abuses of the past are pretty much a thing of the past.”

In fact, according to Robertson, the racial injustice people are so angry about exists only in the mind of “the Al Sharptons and other racial agitators.”

He then blamed Michael Brown for his own death.

“I’m all for social justice, and I think most of us are,” he said. “But this case is somebody who may have been mentally disturbed — though we don’t know that. He may have been high on something — but we don’t know that. But whatever it was, the police officer had to defend himself when he was attacked in his police car.”

He also said that if Obama had just come out and said that the shooting was justified, there would be no unrest in Ferguson today.

“The young man was breaking the law and he should have been restrained. He did things that were not in keeping with law and order,” the television evangelist opined. “If he had said that, it would have been a whole lot better.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot (Pat Robertson)

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