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Josh Duggar’s Creepy Fetal Personhood Thanksgiving Greeting

Josh Duggar is the eldest child of the giant Duggar brood. He is also, despite anything more than a home-school education and virtually no work experience beyond family gigs, the executive director of FRC Action, the lobbying branch of the uber-right Family Research Council.

For the record, he is proud of both his reality-star fame and his fancy title, because that is the first thing he tells people on his Thanksgiving message.

“Hey, it’s Josh Duggar. You probably know me from 19 Kids and Counting on reality TV. I’m also the executive director of Family Research Council Action here in Washington, D.C.,” he smiles, looking oddly like this dad.

He then continues by talking about why he is so thankful this holiday.

“When I think about what FRC Action and my family are truly thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday season, there are so many things that come to mind. We are truly blessed,” Duggar said with his kids and wife in tow.

He then adds all those blessings in his life this holiday season like the huge Republican win in the midterm elections, the Supreme Court’s brilliance in their Hobby Lobby ruling and most of all for the fetal personhood bills that are being passed.

“The efforts of American families are making a difference,” he smiled.

The latest video is just yet another sign that the Duggars, once known more for wholesome values and their giant brood, are looking to capitalize on their fame and television pulpit to go political.

Recently, Mama Duggar has come under fire for her anti-gay stance and even daughter Jessa is now talking openly about abortion, taking to social media to compare abortion to the Holocaust.

Hollywood Gossip said that Josh’s latest video may just be proof the Duggars are on a roll.

“Yes, the Duggars are moving from your cable box to your ballot box, and it seems all the anti-Duggar petitions in the world won’t stop them,” they quipped.

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