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Wait, Did Darren Wilson Say That He Decided to Fire on Michael Brown After He Called Him a P*ssy?

Darren Wilson is not exactly good at creating sympathy for himself.

During his one-hour interview that aired on ABC News he sat, a bit too well rehearsed, to tell his story of what happened with Michael Brown.

Listening to him tell it, Michael Brown was a giant, ‘Hulk Hogan sized’, raving lunatic who tried to drag him out of his car and grab his gun.

Yet in the middle of his tale, is an interesting tidbit emerges that is easy to miss.

According to Wilson’s own version of events, the frightened cop decided to shoot Brown after the slain teen called him a ‘p*ssy.’

Here is the story, in Wilson’s own words:

I take [the gun] out and I point it at him, and I said ‘Get back or I’m going to shoot you.’ And then his response, immediately, he grabs the top of my gun. And when he grabbed it he says ‘You’re too much of a pussy to shoot me.’

After that Wilson tried to get his gun up to the target but twice it misfired. He then said Brown started to run off and got about 30 feet away from him.

Only then, Wilson got out of his car and opened fire because he said he was afraid Brown might shoot.

So, Brown’s ‘p*ssy’ taunt comes right before the situation escalates but is it a significant part of the story?

Since nearly everything Wilson said has been countered by witness testimony to the contrary, it cannot be certain that Brown ever taunted Wilson at all.

Yet, the fact Wilson responded directly after he was insulted should not so easily be ignored.

According to Richard Rowe, the officer who just claimed to be doing his job has actually be trained to fire on when provoked or scared.

“The Problem is that people like Wilson are trained to do exactly what he did: gun down anyone who frightens or insults them,” Rowe said, stressing that Wilson is “one cell in a rapidly metastasizing cancer of chronically terrified, fear-biting animals with badges.”

In other words, the problem will no go away just because Wilson is no longer on the force.

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