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Pat Robertson’s Advice to Unemployed Man: ‘Give Money to My Network’

Pat Robertson has never been shy for asking for money.

In fact, just this September, the aging televangelist was asked by his fellow octogenarians what they should do because after tithing for many years, they could not afford to give their ten percent anymore because they had bills to pay.

Instead of sympathizing with their plight, however, Robertson suggested that the 80-something couple get a job to keep sending him their ‘widow’s mite’ each month.

“There are many ways of making money, even at 80 years old,” he told them, suggesting they just needed to hustle.  “You know, you can get on the telephone, people are hiring. There are all kinds of things you can do. For example, you may have a bunch of junk lying around in your garage that you can sell on eBay, and get some money that way.”

Now, it seems he has done it again, this time going even further by suggesting to the broke guy who asked Robertson for advice really wanted the job, that he should send CBN [Robertson’s network] some cash.

“You can do telephone marketing from home,” Robertson advised on Tuesday’s show. “Think about raking leaves, mowing lawns, trimming bushes, there are a thousand things you can do on your own, don’t always wait for somebody else to hire you.”

He then told the man if he was serious about looking for work in addition to sending out resumes, he should also not forget to send cash to the network headed up by the millionaire televangelist.

“Ask the Lord, when you send that $20 or $40 off, you say, ‘God I am putting a request along with this, I am investing it with power,’” Robertson counseled, telling the man that the best thing he could do when he had piles of bills to pay was send CBN some of the little money has has left.

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