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Pat Buchanan Calls Ferguson Protesters the Civil Rights Violators, Says Ferguson PD Has Done Nothing Wrong

Pat Buchanan is a conservative talking head and the former aide to U.S. Presidents Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

He also is an outspoken opponent of current President Barack Obama, especially when it comes to the way he has ‘slandered’ the good men and women of the Ferguson Police Department.

“What in heaven’s name have the Ferguson police ever done to deserve what has been done to them?” Buchanan said today on Newsmax TV, stressing that “neither the cops nor Darren Wilson nor the city have done anything to deserve this.”

He then suggested that the real investigation into civil rights violations should be directed at the protesters, not the troubled police force, because they are the ones who have violated the rights of others by taking to the streets to protest injustice and the police shooting of an unarmed teen, which inconveniences ‘law-abiding citizens’.

“What about the national conspiracy to get together to shut down cities and block highways and block bridges and block commuter trains orchestrated and organized, why isn’t the Justice Department investigating that?” the conservative opined. “That massive violation of the civil rights of commuters and travelers and workers and everyone.”

Newsmax host Steve Malzberg, by the way, completely sided with Buchanan, calling the outrage over the failure to indict Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, “insane” and a “non-issue” that has somehow gotten out of hand.

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