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Conservatives Go Nuts Over Fake Story Claiming Facebook is Messing With Their 2nd Amendment Rights

The far-right love their conspiracies, from accusing Obama to interfering with popular adverts to promote Muslim ‘jihadists’ to blaming liberals for purposing encouraging young black men to become thugs.

Now, they are up in arms that their beloved Second Amendment rights might have been violated, all based on a faux-news report that said Facebook is sending their gun pics to Homeland Security.

According to Empire News, a satire site, Facebook is trying to get law-abiding ‘patriots’ in trouble with the law.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed rumors this morning that the company would be handing over names and photos of site users who have posted pictures of themselves with guns to the government. Democrat leaders applauded Facebook’s move, stating that it is important to know who has guns in America, especially since many of the weapons that they’d seen could very well be unregistered.

One hint that may have clued people into fact the story was fake is the quote from Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has been playing coy about running for President (although looking Presidential) and refusing to announce his intentions.

Yet, according to the tale, he is not only openly running, but using the fake-crisis as a political self-promotion.

“It’s right from the socialism 101 handbook,” fake Cruz said. “That’s why in my campaign for president, my slogan is ‘less taxes, more guns!'”

Despite the fact that political insiders should have seen the Cruz quote and suspected something was amiss (and perhaps checked their sources), some did not, including former chair of the Michigan GOP Saul Anuzis who tweeted out this, “Facebook Submits Names Of Users Posing In Pictures With Guns To Homeland Security.”

West Virginia state House of Representative’s member Gary Howell also shared in the fun, tweeting a copy of the story along with the note, “Zuckerberg should love my picture.”

Of course, it should not come as a huge surprise Howell was duped. He was also caught sharing this mostly non-true Todd Starnes nonsense on the day it aired on Fox News.



Photo Credit: Empire News, Facebook

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