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Rick Joyner: ‘Athletes’ High Salaries are God’s Way of Paying Them Back for Slavery’

Far-right preacher Rick Joyner has said some pretty bone-headed things with the word ‘slavery’ in them in the past.

For example, just this February he announced that Obama is the one forcing everyday Americans into slavery, all because of Obamacare.

Still, that comment pales into comparison to the racial stereotyping mash-up he spewed recently about how God is paying back black folk by making them good at sports.

According to Joyner’s twisted version of reality, it was not labor exploitation that brought Africans to America as slaves but God’s divine plan to teach people about freedom.

Furthermore, ever benevolent, God is now paying back the African-American community by making a handful very wealthy through lucrative sports contracts.

“As the Lord showed me many years ago,” he said, “He sent the blacks to our country to help teach us about freedom and liberty. You say ‘they were made slaves, how are they going to know about freedom and liberty?’ Wasn’t Israel in prison, I mean they were made slaves to Egypt. You know, the only two people groups in history that were enslaved because of their race were the Israelites and the black people.”

Then bringing the Bible in to ‘prove’ his point, he said that just like the fact the Israelites were rewarded for their toiling, the black community has also been giving Godly blessings.

That’s one reason for all the high salaries for athletes today,” the preacher opined. “I rejoice in it. The bigger the salary that are mostly going to minorities, I’m saying that’s the Lord doing that. They may not use it right or anything, but  the Lord is going to repay them”

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