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Creationists Rent Billboard to Send Message to Young Earth Doubting Liberals

Passers-by in Times Square this holiday season (or at least those that look up at the right time) will be treated to a special message from Ken Ham and his fellow young creationists.

Upset about the bashing of their Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky, they have rented out digital billboard space on top the Disney Store in New York City.

Ham said that the billboards aim to stop the liberal myth-making about the earth being older than 6000 years and claims that a new Noah’s Ark park doesn’t deserve public monies.

“The irony is that as secularists are criticizing the Ark project and relegating Noah’s Ark to a myth, they are passing around their own Ark myths,” said Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham said. “These agitators (most of them outside the state) are trying to undermine the Ark Encounter by spreading misinformation and putting pressure on Kentucky officials to reject an offer of a partial refund of future sales tax collected at the finished theme park (if the park sees excellent attendance and brings in significant tourism dollars to the state).”

Closer to home, Answers in Genesis has also rented out similar billboard space in Kentucky with the message, “To All Our Intolerant Liberal Friends: You Can’t Sink This Ship.”

The digital message in Times Square (which can be viewed below) offers a similar message and ends with a note saying the “Life-Sized Ark” will be coming in 2016.

The adverts are expected to run over 600 times a day through the New Year.

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