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Hannity Questions Why Sebelius Still Has a Job When Hotline Operator Was Fired

Appearing on on Fox and Friends, Sean Hannity discusses the firing of former Obamacare hotline operator, Earline Davis. She was fired as a result of answering a few of Hannity’s questions.

Hannity thought it was unfair that Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, still has her job while Davis was fired one day after he made the phone call to the hotline operator. He said unlike some rude operators, she was kind, thoughtful and very honest. Davis went through the training and started working there for only 5 weeks.

He also pointed out how horribly she was treated when they fired her. “She told the truth, she did her job, and she did it in the way any person in the call-screening business would be proud of,” said Hannity.

Davis said that she was never told not to talk to the media during her training. Hannity said that they were probably mad because he asked if anyone calling was happy about the glitches that plagued the website.

Hannity also brought up the claim that Sebelius made about not working for all of us. “She does!” he said.

Feeling bad for Davis, Hannity said he would pay Davis $26,000 out of his own pocket. He also set up [email protected] to help her get a job. Many supporters offered jobs, money donations, gift cards and encouraging notes.

Davis said she wants to be a waitress.

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