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How Sarah Palin Declined Piers Morgan’s Invitation

It appears that Sarah Palin and Piers Morgan were having a cat fight on Facebook and Twitter. Palin politely declines Morgan’s many invitation to appear on his show by posting one of her hunting photos. The picture shows her posting with a dead bear with the written words: “Piers: Kind of Busy right now.” Apparently she rejected the invitations because she was too busy hunting bears.

There was also a note she below the photos saying she’s too busy doing pretty much anything else to appear on his show. The message reads:

Oh dear Piers, thank you so much for all your invitations to appear on your shambolic show, including the adoring message you sent. But is it still any wonder why I’ve politely responded that I’m too busy doing, um, er… pretty much anything to accept the invite? (At least I didn’t tell you to “get stuffed”.) And to all our British friends: we ask, what did your friends across the pond ever do to you to deserve your Piers?

Palin fired back with this message in response to Morgan’s earlier tweet that pointed to an article from the Daily Currant that mocked her.

Morgan was quick to respond with a sequence of tweets that mocked Palin and re-extended the invitation.

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