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Maddow: Will GOP Ever Be Able to Take Control Back From The Social Conservatives?

Republicans in Iowa appears to be at war with themselves at the moment as a result of the government shutdown.  War is raging in the Republican party between Moderates and the Tea Partiers for control.

Governor Terry Branstad is trying to regain control of  the party from the social conservatives. Rachel Maddow explains why the Moderates’ attempt to reclaim control of the party won’t happen any time soon.

Fundraisers have fallen double digits since the takeover by the Tea Party. Despite being a big fundraiser for the state Republicans, Diane Crookham Johnson dropped out of party leadership because of her pro-choice views and the Republican party’s social issues. Otherwise, she would be a problem for the Iowa Republicans.

Maddow shakes her magic 8 ball and asked, “Can the mainstream Republicans get someone like Diane back? Can they regain their strength and take back control from the groups that have taken over? Can they get themselves back into power?”

When the magic 8 ball revealed the name Ted Cruz, she said, “this is not going to help.”

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