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Stewart: Don’t Fire Someone Who Knows How To Use The Internet, Put Him In Charge Of Healthcare.gov

Jofi Joseph, a White House national security official, was fired for posting insulting messages about the Obama administration policies and top officials.

Joseph held a senior level security clearance and was part of the team that recently worked on Iran’s nuclear program negotiations.

Under the anonymous Twitter account, natsecwonk, he blasts the Obama administration and Republicans for two and a half years. He tweeted about 16 thousand of these snarky tweets.

His followers included national security officials, journalists and top officials. Among the followers were those he insulted.

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart points out how things were getting harder and harder for the Obama administration. Steward added the recent White House staffer’s snarky tweets to the list.

He starts off ridiculing the White House for taking so long to actually catch Joseph despite having a surveillance program.  Steward added that it shouldn’t take long since Joseph was using Twitter and stepping away from his desk 17 times a day to make the tweets, making no attempts to evade suspicion.

Stewart sees the whole scandal as “less Deep Throat, more Gossip Girl.”

Stewart suggests putting Joseph in charge of the healthcare website, healthcare.gov, instead of firing him because he knows about the Internet.


(Video via Comedy Central)

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