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Ann Coulter: Replublicans Can Beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 With Someone Slightly Better Than Todd Akin

Ann Coulter joins HuffPost Live’s host, Marc Lamont Hill, for an interview on her new book, “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 – Especially a Republican.”

During part part of the discussion, Coulter was asked who she thinks could beat Hillary Clinton and why.

Despite supported by Hollywood stars and Billionaires, Coulter thinks that any Republicans slightly better than Todd Akin can beat the former Secretary of State in 2016. She thinks the former first lady could suffer the same fate as Christine Quinn, who was running for New York City mayor.

Besides Hillary Clinton, Coulter also thinks that the entire B-team of the Democrats, which includes Vice President Joe Biden and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, can’t win the next race for the White House. She thinks a Republican will win in 2016 with a candidate that is not as good as Mitt Romney.

When asked who does she endorse for 2016, she replied, ” No one, as long as he’s a senator or governor and against amnesty.”

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  • Ronald N. Wall

    Coulter may be shocked in 2016. Let’s hope Americans are feed up with racist, fascist people coulter endorses.

  • Carmelita Myers

    Most 3 year olds would not trust Coulter.

  • Frank L. Monaco

    Is she really that stupid? If she thinks a Republican can beat Hillary or any other Democrat in 2016, she’s not only stupid, she’s delusional.

    • JNWesner

      Frank, are you old enough to have been sure that Al Gore (even with the worst possible running mate) could beat the mentally handicapped son of the former mediocre President Bush?

      • Frank L. Monaco

        He did beat him. Florida’s attorney general won it for Bush Jr.with that so called voter thing, then the supreme court stepped in and said to leave it as it was. If things had been done right. Al Gore would have won.

  • David

    Is she paying someone outside of Faux news to interview her? She, Palin & Allen West only prove that the republican party are truly in dire need of more people with a bit more common sense.

  • Ramon Nieves

    Yeah sure Anne. You are deluded and just as crazy as the rest of the Republicans and Teabaggers. Why anybody would buy this women’s books is a mystery to me.

  • Randall McCann

    ann coulter is all about the money. she’s a mercenary and will say whatever she thinks will make her the most money. clearly she is too intelligent to believe the absolute nonsense that comes out of her mouth. she’s a despicable human being for being so mercenary but i don’t believe for a second that she believes the crap that she spews.