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Rand Paul Caught Plagiarizing Off Wikipedia

Making gaffes on a campaign trail is common for many political candidates. It appears plagiarism is not that uncommon either. Herman Cain and Joe Biden were caught doing just that.

Rachel Maddow caught Senator Rand Paul plagiarizing in a speech he made in Virginia in support of Ken Cuccinelli in the Virgina Governor race. Paul’s speech contained parts of the Wikipedia entry on the 1997 movie, Gattaca.

His speech overall was about anti-abortion because Ken Cuccinelli anti-abortion.

Maddow thought it was weird that Paul thought he could get away with it especially when he’s trying to be a candidate for president.

Maddow compared parts of Paul’s speech to the Wikipedia page about the science fiction movie. It appears that the plagiarism was almost verbatim.

She said they reached out to Ran Paul’s office for an explanation of the blatant plagiarism. Maddow joked that maybe Paul wrote the Wikipedia entry in the first place.

She said with eight more days left until the election, this was probably the last thing Ken Cuccinelli.

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