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Bill Maher: Republicans Are The Masters Of The Are You Kidding Me Candidate

Bill Maher and Piers Morgan sits down to discuss Ted Cruz’s chances of winning in 2016. Piers starts by recalling what Ann Coulter said about Cruz’s chance of becoming president a few weeks ago.

To Maher, the GOP have been masters of the “are you kidding me” candidates. For that reason, Maher thinks that Cruz has a legitimate chance to win the Republican primary in 2016.

Maher points out that the GOP went with Mitt Romney because they didn’t have a Ted Cruz then. He cited that Cruz was a Harvard educated lawyer and definitely going to be hard to beat. Maher and Piers both agree Cruz is the party’s hero and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Piers asked Maher what it would mean to America’s reputation if Cruz won the presidency. Maher replies that we won’t know until he becomes president. He added that he wouldn’t be surprise if it’s going to be Ted Cruz because the Republicans are the masters of the “are you kidding me” candidate, from Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, George W. Bush to Sarah Palin.

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  • Leota Scott

    He may be right.

  • Thomas Claudius

    Jezuz i hope you al get it now that ron paul was right and he got cheated out of the pres chair , but vote on his son next time but i think its to late eny way 🙁

  • Bluesmama

    Hold on I thought he was born in Canada?

    • Patrick Nance

      And of a father that fought alongside Castro to ovethrow a democratically elected government, entered the Us illegally, worked under the table in Little Cuba in Florida, had children in the US so he couldn’t be deported (anchor children) and went to school undEr false pretenses… yes, little Teddy will have a little trouble explaining father dear, Raul. And since the GOP claims that Obama isn’t fit to be President because he was born of an American supposedly in Kenya, yet little Teddy was born of an American mother in Canada and did not renounce his Canadian citizenship until last year when he was informed he couldnt’ legally hold two passports… why yes, he is the perfect candidate!