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Michele Bachmann: What The President Is Talking About Right Now Is Fantasy Health Care

Wolf Blitzer showed a clip of President Obama blasting those defending the old broken healthcare system, critics of the Affordable Care Act and those that offer no plan for the uninsured to explain themselves. Blitzer told Michele Bachmann that he might be referring to her and asked that she explain herself.

Bachmann starts off saying that it’s another false statement that Obama said, assuming those not happy with the current system is 100 percent defending what we had before. She explains that the Republicans had a whole passel of reforms that they want in the healthcare system but Obama was not interested. Bachmann added that Obama only wanted the Federal government to completely subsume all of healthcare and force all American into his version of healthcare, whether they like it or not. She said Obama didn’t want to work with any Republicans. Blitzer points out that he tried but the Republicans didn’t want to work with him.

Bachmann continued that Obama didn’t get any Republican votes,  suggesting that he only want a government owned, government control and government mandated healthcare. She said the Republicans don’t want force programs, they want free choice.

Blitzer points out to Bachmann that the Affordable Care Act is now the law and asked her, “Do you want to try to make it better, to fix it, or do you just want to destroy it?”

Bachmann replied,“What I want is the finest possible health care for America that we can have. We did have fabulous health care, and I think we can again.”

Blitzer cited that a lot of people didn’t have fabulous health care because there were millions of people that had no health care.

Bachmann responded, “What the president is talking about right now is fantasy health care.” She then provided a list of promises that Obama failed to keep.

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