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Jon Stewart Pokes Fun At The Media For Using His Comedy As An Indicator That Obama Is At Tipping Point

Jon Stewart talked about the disasters of unveiling President Obama’s healthcare plan and how it has made the president some fierce adversaries, himself in particular.

Stewart shows a series of clips of the media weighing heavily on his jokes and using them as indicators that a certain program or president is at a tipping point for action. “Making fun of something is nothing new to us,” said Stewart.

Continuing on, he showed more clips of the media and senators suggesting that Kathleen Sebelius should be fired immediately because even Stewart was making fun of them. They made the assumption that if Stewart was laughing at something or someone doing their job that young Americans are laughing at them as well, suggesting that they should be fired or resign. Mocking them, Stewart asked, “If that causes things to end, why was the network you were on still on the air?”

Stewart thought it was funny that people think that it was time for a federal official to step down when young Americans starts to laugh at that federal official.

Stewart recalls all the moments when he even poked fun of George W. Bush and Cheney, and yet they were still around.

Suddenly Stewart hears sounds that turns out to be members of a gospel choir. Stewart joins them to sing, sending a message that people and the media shouldn’t use his jokes to stop something that they dislike.


(Video via Comedy Central)

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