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Rachel Maddow On Rand Paul’s Response To Wikipedia Plagiarism Charge

On Monday, Rachel Maddow pointed out that Rand Paul lifted a few parts of a Wikipedia page on the 1997 movie Gattaca for his anti-abortion speech in support of Ken Cuccinelli. The speech was almost verbatim to the Wikipedia entry. Maddow reached out to Paul’s office for an explanation earlier this week but he would not respond or talk them or anyone else.

During an interview with Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos, Paul did respond to the charges when asked by Ramos. Maddow wondered if Paul knows what the definition of plagiarism is after watching Paul’s response to the plagiarism charge. She pointed out the two clear cases of plagiarism in his two high-profile speeches. Maddow cited plagiarism from the movie Gattaca on Monday and the movie Stand and Deliver earlier this year.

Maddow noted that Paul used parts of Wikipedia entries without attributing his remarks to the Wikipedia. She mentioned that he said the passages out loud as if they were his own words.

Paul admitted that he did borrow the plot lines from the movies but claims that he gave credit to the screenwriters of the two movies. He said he gave attribute to the movie when he brought the movie up and accusers are probably arguing whether it was properly footnoted.

Paul said it’s really all about haters trying to attack him. He added that Maddow has been attacking him for about three years and he does not see her as an objective news source. Maddow responded that it’s not personal and she does not hate him. She said the point is about him having a habit of plagiarizing parts of his speeches.

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