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Ted Cruz’s Father: Send Obama Back To Kenya

Last year, Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, said he wanted to send President Barack Obama back to Kenya in a speech during a Tea Party gathering. Videos have surfaced showing Rafael Cruz making the controversial comment.

Cruz Sr. also called the United States a Christian nation according to Mother Jones, a politically left-wing American magazine.

Rafael Cruz can be seen in the video, speaking about the need to restore the conservative majority to the Senate in an attempt to keep liberal nominees out of the Supreme Court.

“If we do not take this country back in this election, there’s a very strong possibility that this country will be destroyed by Barack Obama in the next four years,” Cruz Sr. said.

Among many tea party activists and social conservatives, Ted Cruz and his father has become heroes.

Rafael Cruz became an immigrant in the United States after leaving Cuba in 1957. Not knowing a word of English, he put himself through college working as a busboy. He eventually raised a family in the United States.

When asked about the controversial comments by Cruz Sr., Ted Cruz’s office pointed to a statement that the Communications Director, Sean Rushton, gave to Mother Jones. The statement by Rushton said, “The selective quotes, taken out of context, mischaracterize the substance of Pastor Cruz’s message.” They added, “Pastor Cruz does not speak for the senator.”

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