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Ed Schultz On Hannity: Would Sell His Absolute Soul To Defeat Obama And Obamacare

On Friday, Ed Schultz used the opportunity to fire back at Sean Hannity for attacking him personally for defending Obamacare. Schultz called Hannity the “king of cheap shots.”

Schultz said, “Network reporters are in some kind of dilemma because there are so many great things in Obamacare that they will take any morsel of negativity to make them journalistically balance.”

He showed a clip of Hannity and Brent Bozell blasting him for accusing reporters of hyping the negatives of Obamacare. Hannity said he thinks Schultz should get a suck up award. Bozell said someone should get some medicine over to MSNBC because Obamacare is the opposite of what Schultz is saying.

Schultz responded to Bozell’s claims, saying he’s wrong all across the board. He also said Hannity is now defending “junk” insurance policies in which he doesn’t know would only last about a year. “Sean, I know it’s probably a little over your head,” said Schultz.

Schultz points out that instead of challenging him to a face-to-face debate, Hannity decides to show clips of him on his show. He said, “It would seem to me that if I’m wrong on these things that Hannity would want to go face-to-face with me.” Adding, “I’m just a fun loving guy that just wants to get to the bottom of things.”

Schultz also fired back at Hannity for calling him a suck-up by showing footage of Hannity accompanying George W. Bush. “Hannity would sell his absolute soul to defeat President Obama and defeat Obamacare!” said Schultz.

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