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Maddow On Paul’s Immature Response To Plagiarism Charges

The battle between Rachel Maddow and Rand Paul over Paul’s plagiarism charge has entered week two. Maddow pointed out that Paul was lifting parts from sources for his recent book and speeches. The sources include Wikipedia entries and right-wing think tanks.

Maddow cited that BuzzFeed reported three solid pages of Paul’s recent book was lifted from a right-wing think tank without quotations. She also cited other reports of Paul’s plagiarism.

For the most part, Paul and his office did not respond. When Paul does respond, Maddow continues to hammer him. In his latest response, Paul said he would challenge Maddow in a duel if it was legal. She fired back, calling the response immature.

Maddow played a clip of Paul responding to the plagiarism charge during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. During the interview, Paul called the people reporting this information about him hacks and haters. He said that he was unfairly targeted and he is taking it as an insult. Paul also said it would be a cause for a duel if it wasn’t illegal in Kentucky.

In response, Maddow said, “Senator, there is nothing wrong in the reporting, and there is nothing intended to be personally insulting about the reporting. It is true reporting.” Maddow also said she doesn’t care if Paul doesn’t respond to her personally since he did not go on her show years ago to answer her question about the Civil Rights Act.

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