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Rand Paul On Plagiarism Charge: We Made Mistakes But I Never Intentionally Plagiarize

Before getting into the big elections, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Senator Rand Paul to provide a response to his plagiarism allegations. Blitzer noted that his name is tied into the speeches and books which contain major mistakes.

Blitzer asked, “Who is to be blame here?” Partially owning up to the accusations, Paul responded, “Ultimately, I’m the boss, and things go out under my name, so it is my fault.” He added that he never intentionally presented someone’s idea as his own.

Paul said he thought the standard that he was being held to was a little different than everybody else.

“Did we make mistakes? Yeah. I’m the first to admit I’m imperfect,” said Paul. He continued, “At the same time, I do get offended when people try to cast aspersions on my character because I’m honest. I’ve never tried to mislead people. I’ve made mistakes.”

Blitzer then asked Paul what he will do to avoid this from happening again. Paul responded, “We’re going to be much more specific and footnote everything as if it were a college paper.” He continued,”98 percent of my speeches are extemporaneous and have never had footnotes. We’re now going to footnote everything and make sure it has reference because I do take this personally, and I don’t want to be accused of misrepresenting myself, and I’ve never intended to do so. But I think we’ve been sloppy and we’re going to be much more precise in the future.”

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