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Barbara Buono Unloads On New Jersey Democrats For Betrayal

Shortly after Chris Christie was declared the winner of the New Jersey gubernatorial election, Senator Barbara Buono delivered her concession speech. Buono slammed New Jersey “Democratic political bosses” for the onslaught of betrayals.

Buono denounced New Jersey’s political system. “We rose above the political system that too often requires surrendering of one’s value, a system where backroom deals feud by greed and self interest are just the order of business,” said Buono.

She continued, “The Democrat political bosses, some elected, some not, made a deal with this governor, despite him representing everything they’re supposed to be against. They didn’t do it to help the state. They did it out of a desire to help themselves politically and financially,” said Buono.

“Unless more people are willing to challenge it, New Jersey’s national reputation will suffer among families who might otherwise move here, among businesses who otherwise might locate here, and among those qualified and honest candidates who might come here and run for office,” Buono added.

Buono concluded her speech by reading out the names of those who stood by her and withstood the “onslaught of betrayal” from their own political party.

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