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Bill O’Reilly, Kate Obenshain And Kirsten Powers Clash Over Whether Or Not Sebelius Should Resign

Bill O’Reilly, Kate Obenshain and Kirsten Powers discuss whether or not Kathleen Sebelius should resign over the failure of the Obamacare website, healthcare.gov. Bill O’Reilly and Kate Obenshain think that she should resign. Kirsten Powers disagreed, saying that it’s a bad idea to make her resign especially in the middle of the crisis, although she should be held accountable.

O’Reilly joked that Sebelius may have to commit suicide if she was in Japan.

Obenshain argued that Sebelius would have gotten fired if she worked in the private sector. “When there is blatant incompetence, which we see from Secretary Sebelius right now, she has to step aside,” said Obenshain. She continued, “That’s one of the things that are wrong with government right now, that there is no accountability. In the private sector, she would have been fired and someone very confident would be brought in to replace her.” Obenshain said Sebelius just can’t accomplish bringing people together to do the job.

Power disagreed and asked O’Reilly why it’s so important to him that Sebelius has to resign. O’Reilly responded, “It’s not important to me Kathleen Sebelius, who I don’t respect because we have problems with her over other issues, but that is not the deal, the deal is that you hold people accountable to send a message to other people. This is tax people money that we’re paying this woman to do a job that she is not doing.”

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