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NCDOT Apologizes For Inappropriate Women Drivers And Obamacare Traffic Alert Messages

The North Carolina Department of Transportation(NCDOT) is apologizing for a series of inappropriate traffic alert messages that were sent out by a contractor.

The contractor failed to turn off the external feed while performing routine tests. A total of six messages went out over the Traveler Information Management System, also known as TIMS.

The inappropriate alert message warning drivers read: “Stay home because of women drivers, rain, and Obamacare”

The contractor was immediately let go for the incident.

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  • bludrgan

    Fired? Really? sheesh–don’t people have a sense of humor anymore?
    And don’t get all indignant with me, I’m a 70 year old ACLU member, feminist and Obama supporter. Lighten up, people.

    • Harris Caroline

      Yeah, if you are joking among friends. Not for a public servant. I dont know what makes people so damn simple minded. Diarrhea of the mouth. Center for disease control needs to get on this one, it’s HIGHLY contagious. Only small children just blurt whatever the hell they want to. Not me though, because my Dad would have and did slap the taste of my mouth.

    • lowellhighmom

      I also think we fire people for mistakes way too often. Put a letter in his/her file and call it a mistake. In a year, you clear out the file. Was anyone really harmed?
      I don’t see the point in possibly causing such financial harm for a stupid mistake.

      • eastkylib

        Was anyone harmed? Duh. Women and health care advocates. You don’t get it, do you?

    • Keith Turner

      When an entrusted employee is able to affect public discourse using public property in a detrimental manner such as this, they should expect loss of this priviledge thereafter…

  • terrizosia

    Just another idiot. What else is new.