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Even Jon Stewart Is Mocking Rand Paul For Plagiarizing Scandal

After weeks of Rachel Maddow hammering Rand Paul for plagiarizing, Jon Stewart joins in to mock Paul on his show. Stewart begins the segment by showing clips of Paul’s speeches and clips of reports on Paul’s plagiarism scandal.

His first joke mocked Paul’s anti-abortion speech that he gave in Virginia in support of Ken Cuccinelli, where Paul lifted several parts of a Wikipedia entry on the movie Gattaca. “I’m going to pretend here that the thing that we’re supposed to be concerned about is that Rand Paul is copying from Wikipedia and not that he is warning Americans about the role of government by referencing an Ethan Hawke movie,” said Stewart.

He then mocked Paul for how he responded to the scandal. Stewart said, “As far as the plagiarism goes, I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation.” He showed clips of Paul’s many responses. One of the excuses Paul gave was that 98 percent of his speeches are extemporaneous. In a hilarious way, Stewart said,” Then 98 percent of his speeches are extemporaneous, meaning only two percent of his speeches are plagiarized.”

Finding a chance to take a stab at Taylor Swift’s songs, he added, “The truth is, most of those are just Taylor Swift lyrics.”

Stewart continues by showing clips of reports on Paul’s plagiarism extending beyond speeches. He included one where Rachel Maddow reporting Paul threatening to quit politics all together. In a mocking manner, he said, “You know what? I’ll just… I’ll start my own government where you’re allowed to copy off of other people. I’ll start my own country and yeah that’s right, I’ll call it Belgium. I came up with that name, Belgium.”


(Video via Comedy Central)

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