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Lara Logan Apologizes For Inaccurate Benghazi Reporting

CBS’s Lara Logan apologizes for inaccurately reporting the Benghazi attack. She proceeded to explained how and why it happened. Logan said she was misled by Dylan Davies, a man who worked for the state department in Libya.

“The most important thing to every person at 60 minutes is the truth, and today the truth is that we made a mistake. That’s very disappointing for any journalist,” said Logan. She added, “Nobody likes to admit that they made a mistake, but if you do, you have to stand up and take responsibility and you have to say that you were wrong.” She continued, “And in this case we were wrong.”

Despite thoroughly investigating, they were not aware that Davies told the FBI a different story from what they were told. Davies told them that he saw the body of slain U.S. Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, while telling the FBI that he did not visit the compound that night or saw the body.

Norah O’Donnell asked Logan why she was convinced that Dylan Davies was a credible source and how she vetted him. Logan answered, “We verified and confirmed that he was who he said he was, that he was working for the state department at the time, that he was in Benghazi at the special mission compound the night of the attack.” She added that he gave them access to communications with U.S. government officials. Logan said they also verified details of his stories against U.S. government reports and everything checked out. She said Davies also showed them photographs of the special compound the morning after the attack.

Logan said, “We take the vetting of sources and stories very seriously at 60 minutes, and we took it very seriously in this case, but we were misled.” Moving forward, she plans to apologize to viewers on 60 minutes on Sunday.

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