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Rachel Maddow: Apocalypse Groups Are Trying To Use U.S. Foreign Policies To Bring About The End Of The World

Rachel Maddow reports on how foreign policies towards the Middle East were made in 2004 by the George W. Bush administration. Reports suggest that the top Middle East staffer on the Bush’s National Security Council was secretly meeting apocalypse groups to assure that American foreign policy towards Israel would bring about the Second Coming of Christ. In order to bring about the apocalypse, these groups wanted the Bush administrations to do whatever they had to do so that the borders of Israel matches that described in the Bible.

Maddow said everyone is entitle to believe in what they want to believe, but it becomes a news story when their believe ends up driving foreign policy. “It wasn’t just an accident that we were almost about to bring about the end of the world, it was the point, that was the strategy, we were trying to,” said Maddow.

She reported that George W. Bush will be a keynote speaker at the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute’s fundraiser event in Irving, Texas. The group is trying to get Jews to accept Jesus as the Messiah in order to gear for the end of the world. A president’s package can be purchased for a $100,000 for anyone wishes to join Bush. The package includes personal geographical tour of Israel, company branding on promotional pieces, invitations for 10 couples to VIP reception with photo opportunity with George W. Bush, 10 signed copies of his book, 10 passes to his presidential library, and dinner. $100 invitations are also available but it doesn’t guarantee a seat.


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