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The Woman Who Became The Face Of The Obamacare Website Speaks Out About Cyberbullying

After the failed rollout of healthcare.gov, everyone was searching for the mystery woman who was the face of the Obamacare website. Her photo has been removed from the site but she continued to get bullied. Going only by the name, Adriana, she is finally speaking out to condemn cyberbullying.

Adriana joins ABC’s Amy Robach to reveal who she is and how she became the subject of cyberbullying. She said she’s from Columbia, a mother, a wife and not a professional model. Although she is not a U.S. citizen, she is eligible to apply for healthcare under her permanent residency status.

Adriana said she signed a release knowing that her photo would be use to promote health care but she didn’t know that it would have such a negative impact on her life. She said she wasn’t even paid for the use of the photo.

With teary eyes, she said she never experienced cyber bullying as a kid. Adriana said she had to speak out in order to defend and protect herself and her child.

Despite all that has happened, Adriana said she can finally find some humor in it.

When ABC asked the administration why the website was getting a new look, the administration’s response was that they wanted an ever changing dynamic website.




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