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Ann Coulter: Democrats Will Try To Fake Out The Voters To Pretend That They Are Against Obamacare

Ann Coulter joined Sean Hannity to talk about the debacle of the Obamacare rollout and the broken promises of the health care system.

Hannity first asked Coulter for her reaction on the woman who became the face of the Obamacare during the rollout. Only wanted to be known as Adriana, the woman is from Columbia and not a U.S. citizen. Despite being eligible to apply for healthcare under her permanent residency status, she did not sign up for the health care exchanges according to Hannity.

Coulter implied that things are so bad for her that she probably needs to make a sex tape to get her reputation back. She also slammed Obama for offering a job to a non-citizen and exploiting her by not paying.

Moving on, Hannity talked about the poll that shows the majority of independents that thinks Obama lied and don’t think they can trust Obama. Hannity also brought up the low enrollment numbers and the increasing number of cancelled letters. Coulter interrupted, saying, “I was going to congratulate you. More people trust Fox News than trust Obama about Obamacare.” She said that the problem is far beyond just the website. “The point is, they have made most insurance plans, and certainly most insurance plans that anyone would want to buy illegal,” said Coulter. She added, “We’re being forced to pay for things we don’t want.”

Hannity then asked, “How do Democrats get out of that hole, considering that they made the same promises as Obama?”

“All of these Democrats who are up for election next year are going to come up with ways to fake out the voters and pretend that they are trying to fix it,” said Coulter.

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