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Michele Bachmann: I Lost My Health Insurance Under Obamacare

During a debate between Michele Bachmann and Paul Begala, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Bachmann if she signed up on the exchange yet. In a frustrating tone, Bachmann replied, “Are you kidding. I’m not gonna waste an hour on that thing.”

When Blitzer asked what someone would do if they don’t have insurance, she responded, “I lost my health insurance under Obamacare, and so now I am forced to go into the D.C. health exchange.” She also added that she will wait until the website is done before signing up.

Bachmann then brought up that her husband has some very significant health issues and that they have to have insurance. Begala jumped in to say, “And now you can’t be denied. Thanks Barack Obama! Thank God for Barrack Obama, now you guys can’t be discriminated against.” Bachmann responded back in disagreement, “Actually, we were just fine before.”

She suggested that it’s better to deal with people who have problems instead of destroying the health care system of 300 million people.

When asked again what she will do because she does not have insurance and is not going to the website to sign up, Bachmann replied, “I’m waiting for the thing to get fixed. It’s a mess right now and I’m waiting for it to get fixed. The President promised!”




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