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Piers Morgan And Panel Discusses Alec Baldwin And The F-Word

Don Lemon, Charles Blow and Noah Michaelson joins Piers Morgan to discuss Alec Baldwin‘s homophobic remark and the use of the f-word. They discuss whether or not Baldwin was really homophobic or if he said it unintentionally out of anger. The panel also debate if it is appropriate to say the word among gay people.

Using the n-word as an example, Lemon argued that the words should not be used as a pronoun or be used at work. “You could say whatever you want in the privacy of your own home but when you’re in the workplace, there are rules, and you have to have standard rules across the board for everyone,” said Lemon.

Michaelson said Baldwin is not necessarily homophobic but he wanted Baldwin to think twice before saying certain things and apologize for what he said instead of dancing around the issue.

Piers asked if Baldwin was really being homophobic or did he say it unintentionally out of anger, adding that he thought that it was the case. Blow argued that it didn’t have to be intentional. “You don’t have to necessarily be intentionally doing something to do it. It can come out of the subconscious,” said Blow.

As devil’s advocate, Morgan questioned whether or not things are made worse when the words are said among those who find the word offensive. Blow replied, “I think it makes it difficult when people want to have these conversations with either yes or no. I think that denies the historical context.” He added, “There is a historical context where the appropriation of abusive language, and to try to numb it down.”


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