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Rachel Maddow Slams Right-Wing And Media For Criticizing Obama For Leaving Out ‘Under God’

Rachel Maddow recalls the time the Republicans criticized President Obama for going on vacation with his family and not doing any work. Maddow shows clips those reports and then a chart that compares the total vacation days that Obama took with those taken by George W. Bush. She also recalls reports of outrage when Obama put his foot on the desk at the Oval Office. Maddow pointed out that presidents before him did the same without upsetting anyone. She called it “The Obama Derangement Syndrome.”

Maddow introduces the latest criticism that followed after Obama omitting “Under God” while recited Abraham Lincoln’s famous Civil War speech, the Gettysburg Address. She mocked the Right-Wing media before explaining that President Obama did not remove “Under God” from the speech.

Maddow explains, “He did not do that. The Gettysburg Address is one of those speeches where a few different versions exist.” She continues, “At least five different versions of the Gettysburg Address are in circulation at any given time, which is why you often hear the speech recited a little differently each time you hear it.”

She cited that documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns, specifically asked Obama to recite the first version known as the Nicolay Version when he was putting together the complications of the five version of the Gettysburg Address recited by famous people. The Nicolay Version does not include the phrase “Under God,” which is why Obama did not include it.

Maddow noted that some media made corrections and apologized, but not all has.


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