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Ann Coulter: Martin Bashir Would Become A Nazi Just To Keep His Job

Ann Coulter joined Sean Hannity to share her thoughts on Martin Bashir’s response to former Governor Sarah Palin when she compared America’s debt to slavery at a fundraiser event held by the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. Bashir apologized on Monday for suggesting that Palin should get the same treatment as described in the diary of Thomas Thistlewood. The treatment described by the diary is known as Darby’s Dose punishment, which forces a slave to urinate and defecate in another slave’s mouth.

Hannity shows the clip of Bashir saying Palin would be a good candidate for a dose of discipline from Thistlewood. He suggests that Bashir should be fired for saying such a vile thing.

In defense of Sarah Palin, Coulter said, “What kind of diseased mind comes up with something like this. It’s hard for me to imagine any circumstance in which you would call for someone’s mouth to be defecated into, but it is a massive overreaction to the speech they are complaining about.” Coulter pointed out that Palin was talking about financial slavery coming to the people if the government doesn’t stop spending and not racial slavery even before she began that part of the speech.

Coulter said Bashir is a person who really doesn’t believe overreacted over nothing. She concluded, “If MSNBC announced one day, ‘We’re going all Nazi,’ he’d be fine with it. ‘I’ll be a Nazi by five.’ He just wants to keep his job.”

Moving on, Hannity shows clips of several incidents of Alec Baldwin that made headlines, and ask why she would be defending him. Coulter defends Baldwin, arguing that the annoying paparazzi were harassing Baldwin. She added that she doesn’t support the word police.

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