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Comedian Jim Norton Defends Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin received a lot of criticism for his recent homophobic remarks. Comedian Jim Norton joins HuffPost to defend Baldwin and explain why he does not have any problems with what Baldwin said. Norton called out MSNBC for unfairly suspending Baldwin while not having any issues with Al Sharpton working there.

Norton blamed the paparazzi for driving Baldwin to say all the rude things. He said the issue is not Baldwin saying the f-word, the issue is everyone not seeing anything wrong with about 50 photographers watching a guy putting his kid in the car. Norton implied that everyone is so “backward.”

Slamming MSNBC, Norton said, “My point was, if you’re gonna punish him and yank his show, what about Al Sharpton? No one has said things worse publicly than Al Sharpton.”

Norton pointed out that Sharpton said such things as “white interlopers”, “Greek homos,” and lied about a lot of things. He called Sharpton an “absolute pig,” and suggesting that he’s getting away with it because everyone is afraid to tell him what an a**hole he really is.

Norton said he thought it was silly that MSNBC is holding everybody else to language standards while Sharpton is free to say what he wants.




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