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New Details On George Zimmerman’s Troubled Relationship With Girlfriend

Some new details of the relationship between George Zimmerman and his 27-year-old girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, have emerged since his recent arrest for domestic violence. WKMG Orlando reporter, Eric Sandoval, reported a possible allegation and problems in the relationship that lead to the arrest.

According to Sandoval, both Scheibe and her mother, Hope Mason, told him that she and Zimmerman knew each other for over twelve years. They dated when he was in his twenties while she was in her late teens. Their relationship rekindled when Zimmerman’s marriage with his wife, Shellie, fell apart.

Things started to change for Zimmerman and his girlfriend started to change when he was in the spotlight for the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Sandoval reported that Scheibe and her mother described Zimmerman as alone, depressed and fascinated by guns. Scheibe said she decided to stay with him because she wanted to help him, despite being afraid of him. She told Sandoval that they got into an argument several weeks ago because he refused to get professional help for his depression. Scheibe and her mother said they wanted to speak to a national media to help him as well as protect Scheibe.

When they got into another argument, Scheibe went to her mother’s house. Scheibe allege that during that time, Zimmerman sent her daughter a text message that contains a still image from a video of their intimate moment. She also claimed that he continued to threaten her in writing and sent portions of the video to her daughter. Scheibe eventually decided to stay with Zimmerman until the incident that led to the 911 call to police, leading to his arrest.


(Video via WKMG Local 6)

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