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Misinformation On Pledge of Allegiance Ban Reported By Fox News Led Death Threat Of School Board Memebers

Since Fox News’ Megyn Kelly reported the misinformation of a school district’s decision to ban the Pledge of Allegiance, members of Sioux Falls school board have received death threats. Kelly reported that the school district decided on the ban despite suggestions from a local veteran that requires elementary and middle school children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Sioux Falls school board actually voted unanimously to expand the policy to high school assemblies but a local Sioux Falls television station reported that the board decided to drop the pledge at high school. School board member, Kent Alberty said the pledge was not dropped. He said people reacted to the headlines and Fox News picked up the story.

As a result of the reporting, Alberty said he and other members of the school board were bombarded with e-mails, phone calls and even death threats. “The one that I guess got my attention the most was that this person feels that all five of the school board members should be lined up and shot,” said Alberty. He said it hurts to be called unpatriotic even though most of the misinformed negative feedback came from out of state.

KSFY News anchor Brian Allen asked if he would like a formal apology from Fox or the local station in question. Alberty replied, “When something is misreported, misrepresented, an incendiary headline that really doesn’t base anything on facts of the story, I would think that would be appropriate. But I’m certainly not expecting it anytime.”

The Sioux Falls school District has removed Alberty’s and other board member’s personal information from the district website as a result of this incident.



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