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Tom Brokaw Recounts A Shocking Incident The Day President Kennedy Was Shot

On the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, legendary NBC news anchor, Tom Brokaw, recounts where he was and what happened that day.

Brokaw was a reporter in Omaha, Nebraska at the time. He got the news that day in the newsroom that shots were fired at the presidential motorcade and perhaps President Kennedy was fatally wounded. News of Kennedy’s death followed shortly after that.

Perhaps the most shocking thing that he experience that day was what the Chief Engineer said. “This was unusual but it was not unheard of. As I came running out of the announce booth, the Chief Engineer, whom I didn’t get along very well with, he’s a really curmudgeonly guy, old, kind of a gnarly guy, said, ‘What happened?’,” recalled Brokaw.

When Brokaw told him Kennedy was shot, the Chief Engineer responded saying, “About time somebody shot that SOB.”

Brokaw said those remarks can be heard in mostly conservative states. He was upset because the comment reflected the Chief Engineer’s real feeling. Brokaw recalled that he went back to work only after he had to be peeled away from the Chief Engineer.




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