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Laura Ingraham: Media Ignoring Racial Element In Knockout Game

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham reports that it is only recent that the so call “knockout game” is getting media attention. Ingraham cited three recent attacks that occurred in Philadelphia, one in which an elderly senior citizen was sucker punched in the head. She pointed out that many of these incidents involved Black teens randomly attacking Whites and other race on the street. Ingraham is joined by Psychologist and Lawyer, Brian Russell, and Civil Rights Activist, Jasmyne Cannick, to debate whether or not there is a racial element in the crime or just racial profiling.

Ingraham ask Cannick whether or not she denies that there is a presence of racial element in these crimes. Cannick replied saying, “I don’t want to generalize that this is simply a game that is played only by African-American teen across the U.S. What I would say is that, America need to also look at why these teens have too much time in their hands to even be engaging in something like this.”

Responding to that, Ingraham asked if she would say the same thing if it were overwhelmingly White kids who were committing these crimes. She pointed out that there have already been three deaths as a result of these games. Ingraham added that people like Al Sharpton would be out screaming if that was the case.

Cannick said Al Sharpton and other Black Civil Rights Activists have denounced these behaviors but would not generalize that it’s only a crime carried out by African-Americans. She is also suggesting that the media only report crimes committed by Blacks.

Ingraham and Brian Russell said that they have not seen evidence of these crimes done by Whites and posted on the Internet. Citing why the media aren’t comfortable reporting these issues, Russell said, “This does not fit the mainstream media’s preferred narrative, which is that we don’t have a violent crime problem among our nation’s young Black youth, we just have a profiling problem.” Russell argued that doing so is showing racism and doing disservice.

Cannick responded that it doesn’t serve America well by encouraging “mass hysteria” amongst White America against Blacks. Ingraham showed a clip of a group of Black teens knocking out a White man and asked Cannick, “Who is doing that?” She fired back when Cannick suggest that Fox is the issue. “You’re saying Fox News is the problem,” said Igraham.

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