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Customer Debunk Gay Server’s Accusation

A couple was accused of stiffing a restaurant server in Bridgewater, New Jersey and leaving her a hateful message. The waitress, Dayna Morales, posted the receipt with the message online. They came forward after they realize the story that aired was about them.

The couple claimed that the story is a hoax and provided receipt and credit card statements as proof. They said that they generously tipped Morales and also said that they didn’t leave the anti-gay comments. The message read, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.” The couple asked to remain anonymous.

People from around the world donated money to Morales after the story went viral. Morales, a former Marine, said she would donate the money to Wounded Warriors.

The restaurant manager said it’s possible that the customer may have written the message on one receipt and not the other since the receipts are not carbon copies. NBC reporter, Brynn Gingras, showed the manager the receipt and the couple’s credit card statement that shows the total charge, which included an $18 tip.

When Gingras told Morales that the couple claims that it’s possible that she made up the story, Morales stuck to her story and claimed that she did not receive a tip and the message was not written in her handwriting.

The husband said, “It’s a disgusting thing to do. The restaurant is profiting from this, obviously Dayna is profiting from this, and it’s fraud, it’s a scam.”


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